Tuesday, May 6, 2008

As promised yesterday ... set and costume photos!

This is the Pericles set model (by Melpomene Katakalos). Actual Bruns hills will not, presumably, be red this season.

Set details. Note the onstage "offstage" areas, where characters transform to serve the storytelling.

Below, Raquel M. Barreto's costume sketches.

Prince Pericles of Tyre, his own self.

Antiochus' sullied daughter.

The grateful and kind (but foolish) governor Cleon.

Pericles' bride, Thaisa.

Cleon's wife, the duplicitous Dionyzia.

Thaliard, the assassin with a heart of gold.

Pericles' virtuous daughter, Marina.

A bawd in the house of ill repute. I think she kinda looks like Amy Winehouse; she also makes me wonder if they're going to put Delia MacDougall in a fat suit.

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