Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AN IDEAL HUSBAND costume sketches by Meg Neville

The corsetless, Klimt-inspired Viennese couture of the villainess Mrs. Cheveley. (Portrayed by Stacy Ross.)

The very epitome of Oscar Wilde's dandy: Lord Goring (portrayed by Elijah Alexander).

"An ideal husband!" exclaims the young Mabel Chiltern (played by Sarah Nealis). "Oh, I don't think I should like that. It sounds like something in the next world." And so are our spunky, truth-speaking heroine's costumes--flower-laden, like something from the next world (if the next world were a round-the-clock over-the-top garden party).

How proper can you be? Ask Sir Robert Chiltern! (Portrayed by Michael Butler.)

Oh, wait! I'm wrong! Ask Lord Caversham! (Played by L. Peter Callender.)

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capnjoy said...

the costumes look beautiful meg neville! happy teching everyone--love to you all. joy