Monday, August 11, 2008

Vanya: Open. Man: Leaping.

Yeah, the Chron's little man is leaping out of his chair for us. Writes critic Robert Hurwitt, "[Director Timothy] Near, the outgoing head of San Jose Repertory Theatre, delivers a beautifully orchestrated Vanya"in her California Shakespeare Theater debut. Working with a gently pruned, graceful adaptation by playwright Emily Mann and a flawless cast, she does full justice to the cosmic comedy Chekhov mined from self-involved, wasted lives without stinting the pathos of their dashed hopes."

Look below for pictures from this stunning, stirring production.

Annie Purcell as Sonya and Sarah Grace Wilson as Yelena; photo by Kevin Berne.

Andy Murray (Astrov) and Dan Hiatt (Vanya); photo by Kevin Berne.

Sarah Grace Wilson (Yelena); photo by Kevin Berne.

Joan Mankin (Maria) and Dan Hiatt (Vanya); photo by Kevin Berne.

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