Friday, September 5, 2008

Cal Shakes Summer Conservatory Student for President!

In a recent Contra Costa Times article, future presidential candidate Zachary Larkin cited such heroes as Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, William Shakespeare, Steven Spielberg, and Barack Obama. And we should we here at Cal Shakes care? Because for the last three summers, Zach has participated in our Summer Theater Programs; maybe we can someday credit our five-week conservatory for the oratorial skills of the leader of the free world!

"The 13-year-old plans to run when he's 37 and insists it's no joke," wrote Elisabeth Nardi in this Tuesday's Times. "This young Democrat has started a blog, has a Web site and even made the theme of his bar mitzvah last Saturday 'Campaign 2032.' He walked in to the strains of 'Hail to the Chief.'"

Read the whole article here. Pictured here: Young Master Larkin as Richard III in a 2007 Summer Theater Program performance. Photo by Jay Yamada.


Anonymous said...

Does this count as an endorsement?