Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photos from the Steinbeck Project workshop-in-progress

Jay Yamada took some great pictures yesterday of our fourth Pastures of Heaven workshop, taking place this week at the Ashby Stage. Here are a few:

Cat Walleck as Miss Morgan.

The supernaturally strong frog-child Turalecito (Alex Morf) gets ready to bring the pain to as Bert Munroe (Dan Hiatt).

Arwen Lawrence and Jorge Liceaga of Cascada de Flores work with Word for Word Co-Artistic Director JoAnne Winters on the corrido that Octavio Solis has created from the story of the Lopez (or Tortilla) sisters.

Want to see the rest? They’re the latest (so, last in chronological order) in our Steinbeck Project Flickr set.

Or you can start here and page forward

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