Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Creating MUCH ADO'S onstage flora

For the ultimate show of Cal Shakes' 2010 season, the audience will see even more greenery than usual at the Bruns Amphitheater: To help create the lush atmosphere of Much Ado About Nothing's Messina, director Jonathan Moscone asked Will's Weeders, our all-volunteer-staffed and -funded gardening group, to landscape the stage, as well.

Below, check out some photos of the work in progress, all by Paul S. Doyle.

Flowering plants arrive at the Bruns on the morning of September 14:

Muriel Wilson (at left) and Kathy Graeven prune a Mexican lobelia:

From left: Muriel Wilson, Diana Caldwell, Patti James, Dayna Taylor, and Midge Zischke discuss plants to be used onstage during Much Ado, including Mexican lobelia, yellow lantana, geraniums, roses, and marguerites:

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