Friday, November 30, 2007

Picture Perfect Friday

So we're busy. Really busy. But here's some pictures of a few moments when we weren't.
This is graphic designer Ilsa, managing director Debbie (with Anette Bening growing out of her head in glorious black-and-white), and artistic learning programs and outreach manager (whew) Emily reacting in totally natural and unscripted comic surprise at their identical sweaters. Well, Ilsa's and Debbie's were exactly the same. I think Emily might be wearing a cheap knock-off. Shhh!

As the Star would ask: Who rocked it?

And this is Emily with marketing director/platoon captain Susie, testing out the backdrop for a photo shoot with our adult audition class. Obviously, we think it should go on the cover of a brochure, but the muckety-mucks probably won't agree.

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