Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Return of Jessica ... and T. Headdy Webster

Tomorrow, Jessica comes back. Jessica used to work in our Artistic Learning Department, but she left a few months ago to pursue other opportunities. Well, the lure of Cal Shakes is strong, children, and so, shortly after the announcement of impending departure by the now-dearly departed-for-Chicago Joy Meads (whew!), Jonathan Moscone announced his own self that her replacement would be none other than Jessica Richards.

So today we set up the welcome wagon. Well, OK--the welcome desk.

Remember this guy?

Yep, T. Headdy Webster is currently sleeping soundly in Jessica's Future File Drawer, nestling his gentle Coca-Cola-colored noggin against Joy's Files From the Past.

But that's not all.
This is the My Little Pony that the Artistic Learning staff stashed in the other desk drawer.

And this is the real Welcome Wagon.
Bottle of beer? (Probably from Bison, the official beer of Cal Shakes?) Check.

Bottle of Excedrin? Check.
Candy? Check.

Bottle of vodka? (NOT Stockholm Kristal, the official vodka of Cal Shakes?) Check.

To-do list with completely outrageous list of tasks? Check.

Oh, but wait!! She might have some help with at least one of those outrageous tasks:

"Cast all four shows by Friday."

These are the casting interns!!! Yay, casting interns!

Jessica, hide the vodka--or at least check the ID of that kid on the left.

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