Friday, July 11, 2008

High School Drama, by Derek Smith

When I was in high school, we had these daily announcements every morning and it was one of those things that you were sort of forced to listen to. All the teachers made you be quiet during them because heaven forbid you don’t hear that the intramural lacrosse team’s game was cancelled due to lack of participation, or that the M.E.A.T. club (Men Eating Animals Together*) would be barbecuing outside of the commons during lunch. Anyways, as , I was an officer in the drama club (President my senior year, to be exact) so I would always put in announcements for drama club meetings and such. One of the things I will never forget about these daily announcements are two things:

1. They would end EVERY daily announcement with “Have a GRRRRRIZLY DAY!” (We were the Grizzlies.)

2. Every time there was a drama club announcement to be made (like show dates, meetings, movie nights, and national mime day), they would always say “Drama, Drama, Drama…” before following through with the actual announcement. And it wasn’t like “DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA!” it was more like “drama, drama dramablahblahblah” type of thing. As if to say “you can stop listening to this if you’re normal.”

Anyways, just a little memory.

On to things of the Shakesing nature…

The two-week camps that I’m heading start on Monday which is really exciting. Like the first day of school! …that you’re in charge of.

I had the parent/student orientation which was really fun, but I never thought that I’d get nervous in front of the parents. I’m usually really comfortable in front of crowds (unless they barricade you in the artistic learning office singing with birthday cake ... THANKS GUYS!), but for some reason I got really nervous, fumbled words and rushed through. Thankfully, Emily Morrison, Artistic Learning Programs and Outreach Manager (who I so lovingly call “Mama Bird") came up and helped me out.

This week of prep work has been really long but the work is definitely going to pay off, and Playbill Radio helps immensely.

See you at camp!!!

Peace and Love,

*Yes, that was a real club. Of which I was not a member. I preferred mime day.

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