Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Tipped in like a valley, to hold you all in."

This is the model for Erik Flatmo's Uncle Vanya set. It will be "tipped in like a valley," says director Timothy Near, "to hold you all in." There will be a multitude of doors and stairways, to evoke the maze that Professor Serebryakov evokes when he says, in Act III, "I hate this house. It is a regular labyrinth. Every one is always scattered through the 26 enormous rooms; one never can find a soul." There will also be three moving windows (which you see in their lying-flat position on the miniature stage set above), an grass will come up through cracks in the stage.

Coming soon ... costume sketches by Raquel M. Barreto. (Sorry for the posting in stages; we're having server trouble.)

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