Friday, May 1, 2009

Presidents and Shakespeare

Last week, the New York Times ran an intriguing piece about Presidents and Shakespeare, moving from Obama--who cites Shakespeare’s Tragedies as a favorite book on his Facebook profile, but has yet to start quoting him directly--to the Bardophile Lincoln, and then giving the rundown on the Shakespearean proclivities of Reagan, Clinton, Jefferson, and others. Unsuprisingly, our nation's leaders tend toward the histories and tragedies; but we'd wager that the man we saw singing "At Last" in his wife's ear at the Inaugural Ball--and who participates fully in 21st-century technology--would get a kick out of the fresh, fast-moving, and modern take on Romeo and Juliet currently taking shape in the Cal Shakes rehearsal hall.*

Read the NY Times piece here.

*Oh, and have we mentioned that single tickets are on sale?

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